Business Debit Cards

At Eclipse, we're always looking for ways to serve you better. We were the first bank in Kentucky to issue debit cards on the spot, eliminating wait time and ensuring your business has debit cards the day you open an account. We refund ATM fees on all our accounts, and have made it easy to deposit checks or cash, even at other banks' ATMs.

Free ATM withdrawals – anywhere under the sun

Withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide with no transaction fee from Eclipse Bank. We'll even refund automatically any surcharges you pay at other ATMs.

Free ATM deposits

At Eclipse, it's easy to deposit cash or checks using your debit card at our ATM or at any STAR ATM.

To find ATMs in your area that accept Eclipse deposits follow the link below, and select Filter Results.  Check the box next to STAR Shared Deposit, enter your City, State or Zip Code and click on Go.

Click here to find ATMs in your area that accept Eclipse deposits.

Free Visa® debit cards issued right on the spot

Receive one or more Eclipse Bank Visa® debit cards on the spot when you open your account and select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN). There's no need to wait weeks to receive your card in the mail.

 Lost, Stolen, or Declined Debit Card

If your debit card is lost, stolen, or declined during non business hours, please call 1-800-554-8969.

Business Credit Cards

Eclipse's business credit cards provide benefits that make doing business easy and rewarding. Eclipse and Elan Financial Services offer you an extensive business product line that caters to any size business – from small to Fortune 500 companies. All of the cards offer great benefits such as management summary reports, unequaled merchant acceptance and solid purchase protection.  Let us help you find the best card program for your company!

Eclipse Visa® Business Credit Card

The Eclipse Visa® Business Credit Card offers you the convenience and acceptance of Visa® with the service you can trust. This card has no annual fee.

Eclipse Visa® Business Bonus Rewards Credit Card

The Eclipse Visa® Business Bonus Rewards Credit Card is designed for small business owners and employees in small to mid-sized companies. Earn points with every dollar charged to the account that can be redeemed for a catalog of reward options including travel, merchandise, gift certificates and cash. This card has no annual fee.

Eclipse Visa® Business Bonus Rewards Plus Credit Card

The Eclipse Visa® Business Bonus Rewards Plus Credit Card gives businesses who spend more a greater opportunity to earn a higher reward. 

  • Earns higher rewards than the Eclipse Visa® Business Rewards Card
  • Allows online access for company administrator and cardholders
  • $50.00 annual fee per program

Eclipse Visa® Signature Company Card

The Eclipse Visa® Signature Company Card helps your organization monitor and control travel and entertainment expenses.

  • No annual fees
  • Corporate liability
  • Online access for company administrator and individual cardholders
  • Rewards

Eclipse Visa® One Card

The Eclipse Visa® One Card is designed to help medium-sized corporations cut costs and simplify expense management. The One Card is a single card that combines travel and entertainment with procurement card features. It's a smart business tool that gives you more control over your corporate finances. Enhanced management reports help you better document expenses, track purchases and payments and identify spending patterns. You save time on accounting and gain the budgeting tools to save money too.

  • No annual fees
  • Cost allocation and general ledger integration capable
  • Comprehensive spending controls, such as daily and monthly spending limits, MCC (Merchant Category Code) blocking and budgetary limits
  • Online access to robust ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Free comprehensive cardholder insurance coverages
  • Online access allows for company administrator to order cards, cancel cards, and change individual card limits real-time
  • Corporate liability
  • Opportunity to earn rewards

Eclipse Visa® Community Credit Card

The Eclipse Visa® Community Credit Card is designed for Non-profits and Municipalities seeking an easier way to manage cash flow and expenses. This card has no annual fee, and earns rewards.

Make a Credit Card Payment

If you already have an Eclipse Bank business credit card, click the link below to login to your credit card account online, view transactions, and make online payments.




Visa ® is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association; used with permission.

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