Online Transfers and Bill Pay

Manage your business accounts from your home, office or from any place with Internet access.  Make a one-time or recurring transfer of funds between your checking accounts, loans or line of credits

Use Bill Pay for one-time or recurring electronic payments to businesses or individuals and receive an email notification when your payment is processed. With Eclipse Online Bill Pay your identity, account information and account activity are secure.

ACH Transfers

  • Eclipse's Online ACH service gives you the ability to upload payments from your internal systems, enter single ACH transactions, initiate and verify.
  • Eclipse's Online ACH dual control allows segregation of duties.
  • Eclipse accepts upload files in NACHA ACH formats: CCD, CTP, CTX and PPD.
  • ACH transfers are a great way to reduce wire transfer fees.
  • Replace paper checks with ACH transactions and reduce check cost and fraud risk.

Direct Deposit / Payroll

Eclipse's Online ACH service gives you the ability to upload payroll data from your internal payroll system and transmit to Eclipse for direct deposit to your employees accounts. If you do not have the capability to upload data, employee information can be manually entered and saved for the next payroll.

Accounts Payable

Upload accounts payable data from your accounting system and transmit to Eclipse for payment to your vendor/supplier. Single ACH payments can also be initiated. Addenda information such as invoice number can be transmitted along with your payment to assist your payee with posting payment.

Wire Transfers

Eclipse offers a quick, reliable and secure Wire Transfer service for you to send or receive payments with same-day or future-dated settlement. Domestic and international wire transfers can be initiated through Online Banking or through a PIN authorized verbal transfer by contacting your local Eclipse contact. Wire Transfer service provides dual control through a secondary authorization in the wire transfer setup, edit and transmit functions.

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts – ZBA – help you manage your disbursement process while reducing excess balances, manual transfers and internal account reconciliations.

Your ZBA account structure can be set up to meet your internal processing needs. At the end of each day, Eclipse can automatically transfer funds from your primary operating account to your disbursement account for the amount of checks clearing. The automatic transfer eliminates manual transfers between accounts and streamlines account reconciliations.

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