A fresh way to bank means great service and the latest technology. At Eclipse, we offer a full suite of online services to help you manage and grow your business. Contact us at (502) 671-4800 to learn more about these and other services which set Eclipse apart.

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Manage your business accounts from your home, office or from any place with Internet access. View checks online, transfer funds and pay bills at no extra charge. With Eclipse Bank Online Banking and Bill Pay your identity, account information and account activity are secure.

Treasury Management

Treasury Management services are for businesses that need advanced online services to manage day-to-day business, improve cash flow and streamline processes. In addition to Online Banking capabilities, the Treasury Management services give you the ability to:

  • Review current and previous-day balances and detailed transactions to determine cash position.
  • Utilize various payables and receivables services that are crucial to your business.
  • View images of paid checks and deposit and order stop payments. Securely initiate wire and ACH transfers.
  • Automatically leverage your excess funds to generate additional interest income or pay down debt with a business sweep.

ACH Transfers

Eclipse's Online ACH service can reduce the time and expense you incur processing payments.

  • Explore using ACH rather than wires to reduce wire fee expense.
  • Replace paper checks with ACH transactions and reduce check cost and fraud risk.
  • Upload payments from your internal accounting or payroll systems or choose to enter single ACH payments.
  • Schedule automatic recurring transfers for routine and predictable payments and simplify payroll with direct deposit. All these process can be performed by one person or tasks can be segregated by person for additional control.

Wire Transfers

Eclipse offers a quick, reliable and secure Wire Transfer service for you to send or receive payments with same-day or future-dated settlement. Domestic and international Wire Transfers can be initiated through Online Banking or through a PIN authorized verbal transfer by contacting your local Eclipse contact. Wire Transfer service provides secondary authorization through the setup, edit and transmit functions.

Account Reconcilement

The Account Reconcilement service simplifies the reconciliation of your checking account and keeps track of your outstanding  issued checks.  Eclipse offers two Account Reconciliation solutions.

  • Full Reconciliation occurs when you transmit check issue data to Eclipse as you issue checks.  At the end of each month, Eclipse will provide you check number, dollar amount, and date paid for each check paid either by a transmission or a complete report.
  • Partial Reconciliation occurs when you do not have the ability to transmit check issue data to Eclipse.  Eclipse will provide a monthly report that includes check number, dollar amount, and date paid for each check paid.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit offers you the ability to deposit business and consumer checks without ever leaving your office. When you scan checks in your office, an image of the check and check data are electronically sent to Eclipse for processing. Checks are then deposited directly into your Eclipse checking account.

Remote Deposit eliminates preparing a deposit ticket and driving to the bank while extending daily deposit deadlines and enabling consolidation of state, regional or national bank accounts. As a result, you can reduce administrative cost and bank fees and improve funds availability and administrative productivity.

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