Fresh: adj.
1. informal, different 2. new, having its original qualities unimpaired: 3. full of or renewed in vigor 4. not stale, sour 5. not faded 6. not worn or rumpled 7. not altered by processing 8. free from taint, pure 9. slang : fashionable, cool
Banking: noun.
1. an establishment for the custody, loan, exchange, or issue of money, for the extension of credit, and for facilitating the transmission of funds 2. a supply of something held in reserve: as in the fund of supplies held by the banker 3. a place where something is held available

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Fresh Growth

We're proud our World Headquarters sits on a famous corner in St. Matthews. Take a look at how that corner has changed – yet remained a place where families gather and memories are made. As they say, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." We're thrilled to be the next landmark in St. Matthews.

Making News

Eclipse is a vital and active part of the Louisville community. Check out the latest news and see what others are saying about Eclipse.

Rescue Me

Who wants the hassle of changing your accounts from one bank to Eclipse? Make it simple with the Eclipse Rescue Kit. It has everything you need to quickly and easily become an Eclipse customer.

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Tell us how we're doing. Take a short survey and let us know what makes your visit to Eclipse special. Your opinions are important!

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Are you interested in a career at Eclipse? We're looking for folks with the right head and heart to join our team. Eclipse is not only a fresh way to bank, but an exciting and refreshing place to work as well. Tell us why you'd make a great part of the Eclipse family.

Send your resume to:

Wm. Mark Dohrman
Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Eclipse Bank
3827 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 671-4803

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Frequently Answered Questions

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