Our Story

Locally owned and operated since 2005, Eclipse is built on a passion for exceptional customer service. We have taken the best practices in banking and blended them with elements from companies with legendary customer service cultures like Nordstrom's and Ritz-Carlton. The result is unlike any other in Louisville: warm, welcoming, personal. With 49% of the bank being owned by its employees, board, and organizers, Eclipse is driven by the people who work here — and by the special experience we create for our customers and each other.

Our carefully chosen team of banking professionals represent more than 200 years combined experience. The Bank's organizers and Board of Directors include a number of prominent Louisville business and community leaders. Together we share an unshakable commitment to creating an exceptional customer experience with a focus on individual attention, quick decisions made in Louisville, innovative technology, and a fresh experience not found in larger banks.

People choose Eclipse Bank because of our superior service and memorable experience. Now, that's a fresh approach to banking.